5 steps to buy, sell or Mint My Crypto Elvis NFT, we will explain what it is.

Phantom, NFT, Wallet, SOL... What?

The genesis project is called My Crypto Elvis and it is about 1935 NFTs created randomly through programming, each one has an ID and is a token on the Solana network. This once launched can be clearly seen on the Solana Mainnet.


Each Elvis is truly unique, we have created many layers for the Elvis to have their own personality. My Crypto Elvis is a collection of 1935 (of over a million combinations) hand-drawn, randomly generated, and stylistically unique NFTs released on the Solana Blockchain.


The MCE (which is its symbol) also recognizes all the less fortunate in the world and as part of our mission, we will donate to the people in las palmas. In our team, there are many Spaniards and we have decided that for each SOL received we will make a donation for the people affected by the Las Palmas volcano in Spain.


All members can participate in exclusive events that are held, such as exclusive NFT mints, sweepstakes, community giveaways, and more.

1- What are NFTs?

The revolution of NFTs (Non -Fungible Tokens), is the digital version of stamps, art, or any other tangible or intangible product to which a series of users end up conferring a value. These assets are gaining ground, and they are part of that new culture in which blockchain and cryptocurrencies are also fully integrated.



Gold is valuable because we all believe it is, many speak of bitcoin as one of those stores of value that replace or can replace what gold has always represented, but in reality, everything is part of the same idea.


And is that gold has become the store of value par excellence is part of “a narrative”.



There are a lot of precious metals that meet the same requirements, but gold has more buyers. When the number of buyers increases, the price goes up and vice versa.



There is nothing unique or special about gold except for the fact that enough people believe that story and buy gold.

1- What are NFTs, the digital assets that are transforming the collecting of digital art and goods?

The revolution of NFTs (Non -Fungible Tokens), are the digital version of stamps, art or any other tangible or intangible product to which a series of users end up conferring a value. These assets are gaining ground, and they are part of that new culture in which blockchain and cryptocurrencies are also fully integrated.

2- What is needed to have an NFT?

The only thing you need is a wallet. Depending on the network to which this smart contract belongs, it’s the type of wallet that you need to have, in this case, it’s the Solana network (Solana Blockchain)


In summary, the NFT itself is a token, just like cryptocurrencies are, and you will need these wallets to collect if you sell and pay if you operate on the Solana blockchain.

3- What type of wallet do you need?

Phantom is the necessary wallet to be able to buy an NFT from the Solana network. On the Internet, there is a lot of information on how to download this network and create a wallet for free. You need to download a Google Chrome extension and it will be installed there.


To install simply add it to your browser through Google’s Chrome Web Store and then open it. When setting up a new ticket. Phantom will give you a 12-word opening sentence to write or keep in a very safe place, to use in case you need to reset your wallet at some point. Set a password, confirm it, and you’re done.


(Note: this opening phrase is the key to unlocking your funds. Anyone with this phrase can access it, so keep it in a safe place and don’t share it with anyone you don’t want to have access to your wallet.)

4- What are the Marketplace you will try to enter to sell these NFTs?

This is a list of the most popular marketplaces where we are going to list the My Crypto Elvis collection:

I write will be tried since we must try to get all these marketplaces to verify the collection to be able to sell it there. There are several in which it will be very simple and others that will take a little longer, but the idea is to be in all of them.

5- What are the possible scenarios:

  1. When the project is launched, the owners of the project can sell at 0.5 SOL each NFT and earn the difference. The holder of the NFT keeps it and the price increases. The holder of the NFT keeps it and this drop in price (but since it is launched at 0.5 SOL there is already a difference).
  2. The project is launched and does not buy it or god (unlikely but it may happen because it is a market totally in diapers in the world). 
  3. That when we upload all the gear the server catches fire and we all lose everything … (supposedly this does not happen, but if it happens to be clarified that it is highly risky lol). 
  4. Good vibes, like other projects it works great and they all sell and increase their price. 
  5. If this project works, we are putting together more than 10 projects, and all those who enter it will have priority for the others.